Adding another hard drive

When adding another hard drive to your VPS for archive space, you will need to do a shutdown on your VPS and bring it back online. A simple reboot will not allow your OS to recognize your hard disk. 

To verify that your VPS can see your new hard drive, type the following from the command line as root:

fdisk -l

(that's a lower case L)   You should see that you now have /dev/sdb available to you. You will need to use the fdisk utility to partition your drive. Most people just create a single primary partition.  

fdisk /dev/sdb 

that will get fdisk started by pointing at your new drive. There is a good overview of fdisk functionality here:

Of course, you don't need to worry if you have problems doing this work. Just set up a helpdesk ticket and we can either walk you through the process or just do it for you.

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