Why no pre-defined packages?

At Availanet, we would rather let you build a VPS to suit your needs instead of trying to guess what you might need.  The order process starts with a very basic VPS but gives you the ability to match resources and performance to your budget and needs.  Our KVM platform is highly flexible in how we deliver service so it makes sense to pass along the benefit of that flexibility to you.  

Your scalability options for each resouce are like this:

CPU -> 2 CPU up to 6 CPU        (more available by special order)
RAM -> 512 MB up to 2048 MB   (more available by special order)
Unmetered Bandwidth -> 2 mbps up to 10 mbps
Metered Bandwidth -> 300 GB Transfer included every month + upto 25 x 50 GB additional blocks
Hard drive -> We currently allow upto 20GB of boot disk (SAS-based) and upto 100 GB of SATA-based "second drive".  

Each resource can scale separately (i.e. if you want 6 x cpu but only 512 MB of ram, we can do that without additional charges or delays in delivering).  

Also, if you have a requirement that our resource scalability doesn't meet, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We tried to come up with resource limitations that would keep the ordering process as simple as possible. We understand that there are workloads that require additional resources and we are more than capable of delivering on additional requirements.  

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