Private Networking

What is private networking? 

Very simply, private networking is an Availanet feature where we will provide you with a virtual network that cannot access the Internet. 

What would I use it for?

Normally there are two uses (but other use cases exist):
  1. In the first case, customers have purchased private networking to private LAN for their database server because they don't want to expose their database server to the broader Internet.
  2. The second case is similar to the first with the exception that the customer is running a load balancer in the front end and then runs their actual application servers on VPS's that are not exposed to the broader Internet.  
How do I access VPS's on the priviate network if they don't have a public IP address?

Two ways.  You can use one of the VPS's that has public access as a jumpbox and either install a VPN package or just SSH straight through.  The other option is to use the Proxmox Console feature.  The console feature isn't great for heavy administration tasks; however.  

Can all servers on my private network see each other?

Absolutely.  Treat your private network like a normal network that isn't connected to the Internet.  You can run whatever services you want on your private network.

Am I limited to 5 mbps inside my private netowrk?

No.  You will have 1gbps connectivity between your VPS's on your private network and that bandwidth is not metered in any way. You will still need a VPS with a public interface to get access to the private so accessing from the outside-in may be limited by bandwidth choices made when the VPS with the public interface was set up.

This seems like a great idea, how do I get started?

You will need to put in an email and we will quote you.  The price is low but we have to customize an order for you (i.e. take out the cost of the public IP address for the servers on the private side) and make sure that we're creating a network that you expect.  

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